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Raga Kafi or Raag Kaafi is very Popular Raga for semi-classical composition in Indian Classical Music. Its chosen for light or semi classical or short-duration rendition compositions like Hori, Kajri, Thumri etc also.

Raga Details:

Aaroh-Avaroh (Scale): S R g M P D n S' - S' n D P M g R S 
Jati (Class): Sampoorna' Jati Raga which has all 7 notes in it.
Pakad (Identifying Phrase): SS RR gg MM P-
Preferable Time: Mid-night
Vadi Swara (Main Dominant Note): P
Samvadi swara (Harmonic Sub-Dominant Note): S
Nyas Swara(Elongated Notes): P S R g
Ragang and Important Note: Raga Kafi is Ashraya or Parent Raga of Thaat Kafi. Raga Kafi Main phrases or Anga are 'SS RR gg MM P-' as it is also mentioned in Pakad. Other than that 'R n D n P D M P g R' and ' S R M g R g S' is also comes very often in Kafi. Shuddha G and N is also comes in almost all composition and can be termed as 'Vivadi Swaras'. Shuddha G comes between Two Shuddha M like ' MGM' phrase. Shuddha is introduced normally in Aaroh in Antara.

Raga Kafi Sthayi - BhatkhandRaga Kafi Antara- Bhatkhand

Khayal Lyrics(Mid-tempo composition lyrics):

Lyrics गीत के शब्द: स्थायी (First Stanza):

प्रभू तेरी दया है अपार
तु अगम अगोचर अविकल चर अचर
सकल का तु अधार पतितन को उद्धार

prabhu teri dayaa hai apaar,
Tu agam agochar avikal char achar
sakal ka tu adhaar patitan ko uddhar

अन्तरा (second stanza):
दीन अनाथ पतित अरु दुर्बल
मै अपराधी शरणागत हुँ
चतुर तिहार मोहे पार उतार

deen anaath patit aru durbal,
mai apradhi sharanagat hun
chatur mohe paar utaar

Meaning: O Lord! I have your endless mercy, you are unreachable imperceptible,
untroubled in all perishable and imperishable. You are foundation of everything
and rescuer of decadent. I am poor, orphan, fallen and weak. I am guilty and in
your refuge now. O witted! help me attain salvation

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