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Raga Bhairav is one of the basic and very important Raga in Indian Classical Music or Hindustani Sangeet. It is included in 10 Thaats in Bhatkhande system. Bhairav is also found in old scriptures in the name Maalav Thaat. It is most enjoyable in early morning hours. Listen to podcast and see details, lyrics and notation for better understanding.

Raga Details:

Aaroh-Avaroh (Scale): S r G M P d N S' / S' N d P M G r S
Jati (Class): Sampoorna' Jati Raga which has all 7 notes in it.
Pakad (Identifying Phrase): G M r r S, d d P
Preferable Time:  Early Morning
Vadi Swara (Main Dominant Note): d (komal dha)
Samvadi swara (Harmonic Sub-Dominant Note): r  (komal re)
Nyas Swara(Elongated Notes): d, r, M, P, S
Ragang and Important Note: Early Moring raga Bhairav is Ancient and Popular Raga. In This Raga dha and re is komal and has swinging effect (Aandolan). in Aaroh komal re is often skipped as it is weak in aaroh. N, S G M is aaroh  is more prevalent than S r  G M. Bhairav also has Sa-Ma Anga(phrase0 in it and Madhyam swara is often used as Nyaas  swara(Notes where you stay longer). It is elaborated in all three octaves(mandra, madhya and taar).

Bhairav Raga Lakshana Geet (Notation in Bhatkhande System)

राग भैरव लक्षण गीत :

Lyrics गीत के शब्द: स्थायी (First Stanza):
भैरव लच्छन गाये गुनी वर,
कोमल सुर धर, ग म नि सुध कर,
प्रात समय रीझत नारी नर


bhairav lachhana gaaye gunee var,
komal sur dhar, ga ma ni sudh kar,
praat samay reejhat naar nar

अन्तरा (second stanza):
धैवत होत प्रधान जीव सुर,
रिखभ सहचर, होत पुरस्सर,
मालव ठाठ लिखत अति सुंदर,
भक्ति रस सौं गाये गुनी चतुर


dhaivat hot pradhan jeev sur,
rikhabh sah char hot purassar,
malav thaat likhat ati sundar,
bhakti rasa so gaaye gunee chatur

Meaning: Scholar sings Raga Bhairav with komal swara and suddha Ga Ma Ni notes in morning hours this raga sounds pleasant, dha note is of prime importance with re is sub-dominant. Malav That (Bhairav) is mentioned in early scriptures and Bhakti Rasa(devotion) is its mood.



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